How Trial Graphics Can Benefit Your Case

Trial graphics that are well-crafted can help attorneys make a powerful statement in the courtroom, enhancing the strength of their evidence presented. At AM Patent Drawings & Graphics, we have helped many clients create powerful, storytelling imagery in the form of 3D modeling, animation, videography, large format boards, and PowerPoint […]

Best Practices for Creating Instruction Manuals

Instructions manuals can come in many forms, from IKEA furniture assembly instructions to quick start guides for household electronics. Whatever the need for a user manual, you’ll want to anticipate your audience’s need for finding information – and fast. Far too often, instructions manuals are too heavy on text, difficult […]

Using Photographs in a Patent Application

In the patent industry, line drawings are well-recognized for their unique characteristics. But did you know that photographs of inventions are also acceptable in certain cases? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of using photographs in your patent application and when they are acceptable to use instead […]

Why Your Invention Needs an Effective Sell Sheet

Imagine you’re attending a business conference when you strike up a conversation with your ideal buyer. They have a problem, and you have the solution. They’re interested in your company and you want to take this discussion to the next level. The next step in the sales process is critical […]