Press Release: AM Patent Drawings & Graphics Launches Non-Fungible Token Minting Service on Blockchain Network

AM Patent Drawings and Graphics

Press Release


Alfonso Martinez 


AM Patent Drawings & Graphics Launches Non-Fungible Token Minting Service on Blockchain Network

MCLEAN, Virginia (September 24, 2021) – AM Patent Drawings & Graphics, a top patent illustration firm in the DMV area, launches a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) minting service. This new service will leverage NFT technology on a blockchain network to enhance protection of patent holder rights, utilizing smart contracts to ensure licensing terms and payment contracts are executed properly.

“Digital tokenization is perfect for the patent industry where assets need to be verified and validated,” said Al Martinez, founder of AM Patent Drawings & Graphics.

This launch follows other trends in the industry that indicate a shift towards tokenizing patents as NFTs.

IBM recently announced plans to represent patents as NFTs and store digital records on a blockchain network, supporting tokenization that will allow patents to be more easily sold. Earlier this year, NFT marketplace OpenSea began auctioning the first patent ever as an NFT.

“This is only the beginning for the application of blockchain technology to patents and we’re excited to support clients with this NFT minting service,” said Martinez.

About AM Patent Drawings & Graphics

AM Patent Drawings & Graphics is a full-service patent illustration and drafting company located in the Washington, DC area near the USPTO. With over 45 years of experience supporting a wide range of industries with patent and technical drawing projects, it is a team uniquely positioned to serve clients using modern illustration software and technology. AM Patent Drawings & Graphics provides a range of services including utility patent drawings, design patent drawings, trademark drawings, technical illustrations, 3D renderings and trial graphic services. For additional information, please visit


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