ProsToYou Tennis Case Study

ProsToYou Tennis Case Study

AM Patent Drawings & Graphics recently completed a proposal on behalf of ProsToYou Tennis for a facility renovation of the McLean Swim and Tennis Association. Our team produced renderings to present the proposed work in a life-like manner, showing the potential of the community space.


The McLean Swim and Tennis Association is located at 1700 Margie Drive, McLean, VA. The existing facilities included 4 tennis courts, two areas for use of an enclosed hitting wall, and a covered seating area for viewing tennis play. ProsToYou Tennis was tasked with renovating the facilities, bringing the experience up to a state-of-the-art racquet sports club. AM Patent Drawings & Graphics worked with ProsToYou to develop clear diagrams for the proposed work.

Proposed Plans

The proposal included two brand new tennis courts added to the northern section of the association, expanding onto grass field areas and developing walking paths towards the north side. It also called for replacing the hitting wall area with two new pickle ball courts, providing a variety of racquet sports to the community. The plans also called for a new pavilion to replace the covered seating area, which would include changing facilities, bathrooms and showers, an area for viewing ball play, and a reception area and pro shop. These enhancements will attract more tennis professionals, offering more choices for activities and lessons to the surrounding community.

3D Renderings

After completing the initial diagrams of the proposal, our team worked with ProsToYou Tennis to bring their designs to life with life-like 3D renderings of the imagined space. Colorized and highly detailed, the renderings help immerse the viewer as if they were actually in the space. Multiple views were presented, from inside the proposed pavilion to overhead drone angles.


Our team’s design and illustration work on this case study helped ProsToYou Tennis bring their design to life for their client, the McLean Swim and Tennis Association. By working closely with ProsToYou Tennis, we were able to extract minute details from them about the imagined space and present these designs visually for the association and other community members.

Next steps

Are you working on a case study or proposal for a client? AM Patent Drawings and Graphics can help present your idea with stunning, life-like imagery. Our expert team has over 45 years of design and illustration experience. Contact us to take the next step today!

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